Lead Generation For Agencies

How To Generate Leads For Your Agency

This is a complete lead generation guide for agencies. I am going to be breaking down the effective strategies that top entrepreneurs are currently using to generate leads for their agencies.

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What Is Lead Generation For Agencies?

According to Wikipedia, lead generation is basically the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Therefore, for an agency, lead generation is basically the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into the services of that particular agency.

Lead Generation Process For Agencies

Lead generation processes will differ depending on the nature of a business and the persona of their ideal client but there are common traits in the processes that most agencies use to get new leads for their businesses.

Here is a quick summary a four step lead generation process that is used by most agencies:

Step 1: Finding New Leads For The Agency

The first step towards generating qualified leads for an agency is finding the contact information of potential buyers.

This information is can be sources in-house, acquired from a third-party lead generation company or simply bought from a lead database.

However, sourcing the leads in-house is often the best strategy because you will have full control about the persona and qualities of your targeted audience.

Step 2: Reaching Out To The New Leads

The second step is to reach out to the new lead in order to fully understand their interests and expectations. This can be jumping on the call with your new leads or simply sending automatic emails through an autoresponder of CRM.

Step 3: Qualifying High Quality Leads

Qualifying a lead is basically the process of determining whether a lead meets the requirements to purchase the services offered by your agency.

Step 4: Closure

The last step in the lead generation process is to obviously close the qualified leads and getting them to purchase the services offered by your agency.

How To Get Qualified Leads For Your Agency

There are many ways to get qualified leads for an agency. In this section I am going to list some of the best sources for generating new leads for your agency.

A recent research and report released by HubSpot revealed some of the best sources for generating new leads for an agency. Here is a quick summary of the sources revealed by the report:

  • Referrals- 90% of agencies say that their primary source of new business is referrals. This goes to show the power of referrals in service based businesses. It is important to provide high quality services to your current clients and also encourage them to refer your business to their network.
  • Website- Websites are still a great source of new leads for agencies especially when the website has been optimized for searched related to the business.
  • Networking Events or Conferences- Networking events and conferences are also a great source of new business for an agency. Most of these events are paid so you can be guaranteed to find high quality leads that are most likely to purchase your services.
  • Speaking At Events- Speaking at events is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Generating new leads can be quite easy when people already consider you as an expert.
  • Cold Calling or Email Outreach- Cold calling and email outreaches might be boring for many agency owners but it is important to remember that 14% of agencies are actually getting new leads through cold calling and email outreaches.
  • Social Media- Social media is one of the best marketing channels available to entrepreneurs today. You should definitely consider social media marketing as a source of new leads for your business.
  • Blogging- Blogging is still powerful and effective for agencies and other service based businesses. 12% of agencies actually get new leads through blogging so writing new pieces of content related to your industry can be a great foundation for growing your business.
  • Email Marketing- Some marketers have been suggesting that email marketing is dead but the reality is that people are still opening their emails. As long as you carefully structure your email marketing strategy you can still get plenty of leads through email.
  • Public Relations- Other agencies have also been getting new business through public relations.
  • Paid Online Marketing- Whether you are running paid Google search ads or Facebook ads, these platforms are very effective at finding you the best client for your agency.
  • Webinars- Webinars are great for generating high quality leads for high ticket services that most agencies offer.
  • Guest Blogging- You can also get more new clients for your agency by leveraging other people’s audiences. Guest blogging is a great way to build brand awareness and generate qualified leads for your business.

Lead Generation For Agencies: Top 3 Secrets

This section covers some of the secrets that top entrepreneurs use to get an endless stream of hot leads for their agencies. Here are the secrets:

1.Establish Niche Authority

Establishing niche authority and positioning yourself as an expert of your industry is a very effective way to get new hot leads for a service based business.

People want to deal with experts and specialists who can deliver quality services and intentionally positioning yourself as one can actually help you to grow your agency.

Here are some of the strategies that you can use to establish authority and position yourself as a subject expert:

  • Speaking at industry specific events and conferences.
  • Writing a book in your niche.
  • Producing high quality content for social media.
  • Collaborating with other experts in your industry.


Many top agencies automate their prospecting and outbound sales. This allows them to allocate their time and resources to other crucial areas of the business.

Building an automated system that builds a list of qualified prospects and reach out to the prospects is a great foundation for scaling your agency.

There are many CRMs and marketing software that can help you automate your business with just a few button clicks.


Exclusivity is another secret that top entrepreneurs use to grow their agencies. It might seem like a bad strategy when you structure your business to only deal with specific clients but this actually help to build industry authority.

Positioning your business to only deal with specific clients and then exclude anyone who does not meet your requirements is a great way to establish yourself as an expert.

Here are some of the advantages of exclusivity in business:

  • Helps to establish market power.
  • Helps to develop premium product branding.
  • Helps you to develop a more accurate persona for your ideal client.
  • Helps to position you as an expert and also develop niche authority.

Learn how to generate more qualified leads for your agency.

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